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Flaws in Legos "Fractions" Teaching Tool

This is the solution to the Friday, January 17 puzzle I offered on facebook after "sharing" the original meme universally praised for its demonstration of teaching creativity.

CHALLENGE: Four of the blocks are in the wrong position (spatially incongruous). Identify the four and explain why they are mispositioned.

ANSWER: [1] 3/4 falls between 1 (whole) and 1/2, not as an afterthough drifting on the second line; [2] should be rotated, either a full 180 or 90 degress, to align with the descriptive phrase which builds 1/4 block before or as the foundation to the 3/4 block; and [3][4] are both out of sequence and should be switched.

A paragon of teaching excellence or its parody?

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